Sonntag, Dezember 18, 2016

Sternenquilt für Begegnungsstätte

Als Dankeschön haben wir den gemeinschaftlich genähten Sternenquilt für die Begegnungsstätte der St. Michaelis-Gemeinde beim letzten Gruppentreffen übergeben.

Das Muster "Lichtblicke" ist der BOM von Ula Lenz 2016.


Ankes Seesterne hat gesagt…

Einen Traum-Quilt habt ihr da gezaubert. Die Gemeinde wird sich sicher sehr freuen.
Liebe Grüße Anke

Connie the Cootiebug hat gesagt…

Hello from USA. I am Connie, also known as Cootie Bug on former blogs that I had for a while. In 2009 I hosted a siggy block swap on my blog and you joined along with several others from Germany and other countries and the USA. Today I was sewing quilting stitches on your block on my sewing machine and thought of you. I got up from my machine and came to the computer to see if your blog was still here and I found you. I deleted my old blog sometime, can't remember when, but I have a new one now. I had quit sewing and quilting except for just a little for a long time but my interest has finally returned and I'm getting busy again with the old siggy blocks and some other UFOs. I wish you a Happy New Year.
connie h